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  • Chillers with natural refrigerant
  • Chillers with refrigerant with low gwp
  • Chillers air or water cooled
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Our latest work

2x DRYCOOLER each 380KW

Recently, Icefish delivered 2 x Cabero drycoolers,  each cooling capacity 380kW total 760kW Th...

Indirect cooling unit ISCS134a-2-450-266K

ICEFISH supplies a new indirect cooling unit. The unit completely copes with the new ECODESIGN 20...

Drinkwater cooling

Icefish provides an indirect cooling unit type ENR185 with a cooling capacity of 125kW at a water/MP...

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Our latest news

CHILLER with heat recovery

31 March 2017

Icefish has a order for producing a chiller with natural refrigerant R290 and 100% heat recovery. ...


23 February 2017

We standing on the KLIMAATVAK 2017 in Gorinchem on 28.29 and 30 March The trade show for anyone w...

TOGETHER to get there, a big succes.

12 November 2016

For more information, visit the website. http://www.together-event.nl/...

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About Icefish

ICEFISH is a manufacturer and importer of indirect cooling units and heat pumps. We have an extensive package with standard indirect cooling units (cold water machines) and beside we have indirect cooling units with many options. At the same time, we supply a wide assortment liquid coolers and adiabatic coolers. Durability is a big part of our vision. We use environment friendly refrigerant like R290 or R717 with a low GWP number. The best choice for energy efficient components for indirect c...

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