Service and maintenance

Continuity is an important factor, we design our units and choose and assemble our components with care. Even the best installations need service, regular checks and maintenance. ICEFISH offers an extended warranty to maintain your installation professionally.

This will lower the risk of having a malfunction, it also extends the durability of your installation. Your installation will stay more energy efficient, which is better for the environment and your money.

For maintenance, ICEFISH is also a great partner. If you choose for a preventive maintenance contract for your installation, we’ll take care of professional regular check-ups and  cleansing of the installation at an agreed service interval.

Benefits of a maintenance contract

  • Maintenance is carried out according to the requirements stated in the F-Gas legislation, including the required logbook actions.
  • Periodic system analysis by a qualified F-Gas fitter.
  • Comprehensive archiving ensures that the systems that we have in management, get the attention when they need it.
  • Minimize unexpected failures by preventive maintenance
  • Extension of technical lifetime.
  • After inspection in response to the report, an offer will be made for the repair of defective or worn parts, if necessary.

The final result is a greater reliability at a lower cost of your installation.