Water cooling machine with screw compressors

Water cooling machine series EATS with R134a

Water cooling machine ECS series with refrigerant HFC-407C / R407F

 Water cooling machine ITC series frequency controlled with refrigerant R134a

 Capacities from 200kW to 1430kW (100% water medium, range +12°C/7°C and environment temperature +35°C)


The machines are very suitable to be customized according to customer specifications, such as:

 Other medium / secondary refrigerant

 Medium temperature ranges of +25°C to -20°C

 High and/or low environment temperatures

 All types are available with built-in freecooling


Type description chiller EEF with refrigerant R134a

 Type description chiller ECF with refrigerant HFC-407C / R407F

 Type description chiller ICF with refrigerant R134a




Insulated tank, safety valve and low level security

 High or low pressure circulation pump with suction valve

 Double circulation pump with transfer switch

 Expansion kit

 Dirt trap set with blocking valves

 Antifreeze protection

 Vibration dampers for under the machine

 EC fans

 Low noise performance

 Compressor casing (for noise reduction)

 Grills to protect condenser and components

 Condenser filters

 Condenser coating

 Heat extraction

 Communication acc. Bacnet / Lon / Modbus

 Extra control panel


There are many options available, ask us!




Building water cooling machine:


Mainframe put completely galvanized sheet metal and finished with a polyester powder coating color RAL7035 (other RAL color available upon request)

 Double refrigerant circuit whereby each circuit includes:

 Bitzer screw compressor equipped with suction and discharge valves, crankcase heater, motor protection, discharge temperature and oil level security

Frequency control (standard on the series ITC/F)

 Liquid injection cooling

 Security relief valves high pressure side

 Condenser in V formation material Cu tubes and Al lamellae

 Fan speed scheme

 Liquid container with valve

 Economizer stainless steel plate exchanger (standard on the series EEO/F, ITC/F)

 Liquid filter-dryer (removable)

 Solenoid Valve

 Liquid and humidity indicator

 Electronic expansion valve (Sporlan)

 Optimized evaporator type shell and tube, material Cu pipes and CS mantle

 Security relief valves low pressure side

 Gauge pressure and low pressure

 High pressure switch automatic reset and manual reset

 Low pressure switch

 Pressure transmitters

 Temperature sensors

 Flow switch

 Control cabinet, galvanized sheet, finished with a polyester coating, all complete with all components and main switch

 Uncluttered layout and numbered wiring

 Microprocessor PCO for the entire control