Water cooling machine with Turbocor compressor

Water cooling Machine series AHA is air-cooled with EC fans

Water cooling Machine series AHW is water cooled

Water cooling machine Series CSC without condenser

Water cooling machine capacity from 200kW to 1600KW


The water cooling machine with Turbocor centrifugal compressor and refrigerant R134a or R-1234ze

The compressor is 100% oil-free

Very high COP and ESEER

Features that work together to ensure that investment in Turbocor centrifugal compressor pays for itself.

Water cooling machine AHA is air-cooled with EC fans


Refrigerant circuit whereby each circuit includes:

Turbocor compressor with suction and discharge valve

Speed control scheme

Liquid injection cooling

Security relief valves high pressure side

Condenser in V formation material Cu. tubes and Al. lamellae

EC fans

Economizer type stainless steel plate exchanger

Liquid filter-dryer (removable)

Solenoid Valve

Liquid and humidity indicator

Liquid level valve

Hot dipped evaporator type shell and tube material Cu pipes and CS mantle

High pressure switch with automatic reset and manual reset

Low pressure switch

Pressure transmitters

Temperature sensors

Flow switch

Control cabinet, galvanized sheet, material finished with a polyester coating, all complete

Uncluttered layout and numbered wiring

Microprocessor for complete control and remote monitoring (Internet connection required)